In a Dynasty Online, the player will assume the role of an ‘avatar’ with a unique background lore that will be a visual representation of him or herself to interact with the environment and others.

The world of Unnara is vast and spacious, packed with beautiful environments with many different climates. The player can choose from a variety of factions to join such as Andal Sultanate, Zao Dynasty, Jarldom of Sveda, and Kingdom of Rhodea or be apart of the Citizens which are a neutral faction aimed towards PvE players. All factions have their own in-game culture, architecture and fighting styles. These factions are fully controlled by the players. Players in a faction can vote for their leader amongst themselves, this leader will be able to act on behalf of their faction. Leaders can engage in diplomacy such as declaring war on each other, sign trade treaties, raise tax-rates or forge alliances with other factions. All of these mechanics will be available to the ruler of each faction.

Under the leader, a large amount of players can act out the leader's objectives depending on his popularity with his people. Leaders can direct their faction members towards specific targets within the map such as enemy cities or settlements to coordinate efforts between all combatants within their faction. This results in immersive role-played large-scale PvP.

Surely, a faction cannot thrive without income, factions have a set tax rate settled in $DYNASTY which is decided by the leader. Anyone mining resources or conducting transactions within a faction's territory will be subject to pay the tax which will be distributed to all faction members within time intervals. This incentivises factions to grow and allows the players to immerse themselves in faction based warfare and diplomatic disputes.

Dynasty Online is not purely focused on PvP experiences, Unnara contains a balance between hectic large scale PvP battles and free-roaming adventures where players can undertake a large array of skill-based activities and thrilling PvE adventures with a wide array of challenging creatures to fight.

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