Dynasty Online contains elements from MMORPGs, MOBA games and Strategy games that are all enveloped to create the ultimate dynamic medieval fantasy simulation. We combine free-roam adventures with intense competitive battles over territories that shape the game world. As avid gamers and gaming enthusiasts we wanted to make a change. Gone are the days where players are not correctly incentivised for the time they enthusiastically share with players. The prize is real as the tokens are, players who seek to dominate Unnara stand to win substantially.
We envision a world where avid gamers are rewarded for their achievements and left with something other than a “Congratulations” screen. We are setting out to introduce a real tangible achievement. The players can rightfully own what they have won in Dynasty Online. If you earn or craft a sword in Dynasty Online, this is your sword. Your items and any inherited states are verifiable assets on the blockchain that you can trade with someone else or play with in-game.
Efforts in the game should not be avoided or abused. Appealing to the lowest common denominator should not be the strategy, but the effort that players want to devote to the game. Simply put, players should be rewarded for their achievements and left something that they feel has been achieved. The real achievement. We will attain that vision. A vision where all the economic value is captured by the gamer and not the private companies.
Dynasty Online aims to be a unique game with certain elements inspired by the combination of MMORPGs, MOBA games and strategy games. Most notably; WoW, RuneScape, League of Legends, Europa Universalis 4. We are at the forefront of innovation, developing gameplay mechanics that have not been seen previously in the MMORPG genre as well as a fully fledged economical ecosystem which will be supported by Immutable X.