Dynasty Online provides the ideal world for PvP and PvE experiences.
All factions are completely steered by the players themselves which creates a dynamic world for all involved. All members of a faction are able to vote for a leader that engages in political actions on their behalf. Factions are encouraged to expand and seize territory, however, must go about this in a strategic manner. Each faction has a number of diplomatic options including declaration of war but they must be considered carefully lest they lead to the perish of their own. The result is a dynamic and hectic world where players are incentivized to roleplay and invest time to hone their combat skills.
Too many MMORPGs are focused on delivering PVP or PVE focused gameplay. In Dynasty Online , we set out to make things differently. We propose a "Citizen" faction which is a neutral faction that noone can harm (except for in consented duels or in designated PVP zones). Citizens may roam Unnara freely to complete quests, go on adventures, make friends and defeat the mighty creatures of Unnara.