Gameplay Experience

The Newbie Experience

Newcomers to Unnara start off in the once opulent Golden City as a Citizen. With their meagre gold, some starter gear and their custom individual lore, they are able to venture out anywhere within Unnara at any moment or follow an introductionary quest line to introduce them to the world around them. Upon first entry, newcomers will notice the bustling activity of Unnara as a whole. Cities are being taken, large battles are being fought, markets flooded with players from all over looking to sell their hard-earned loot.

Why Play Dynasty Online?:

  • Heavy PVP but also PVE experiences. Players can seek to hunt the various legendary monsters of Unnara or pick up a weapon and join large scale battles between 100% human controlled factions.

  • Experience being a ruler of a kingdom. Be a King, Sultan, Jarl or Emperor and lead your faction to greatness. All of the accomplishments of a faction will stand to win a lot of $DYNASTY coins. Your skin is in the game and that is what makes this player experience very thrilling.

  • Master over a dozen level-able skills in-game that have huge gameplay rewards.

  • Journey throughout the beautiful world of Unnara. Defeat powerful monsters, embark on dangerous adventures to gather the rarest of resources, hone your smithing and craft items that you will truly own through Non-Fungible-Tokens, engage in trading and reap real-life rewards for your cunningness. The world of Unnara is your oyster and we have packed it with unending experiences.

  • Free To Play! Dynasty Online will be released as completely free to play game.

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