Zao Dynasty: Located south west of the Golden City. The Zaos have crowned their own emperor after the fall of the Empire of Unnara. Now united under a new mission, they present a challenge to anyone who might face them in battle.
"War is Victory, Victory is War" ~ Emperor Ying Qi of Zao Dynasty
Jarldom of Sveda - Hailing from the harsh north and near the treacherous lands of the wilderness, the Jarldom of Sveda possesses some of the finest warriors and sailors in all of Unnara. No longer bound by the shackles of cooperation, they are free to wreak havoc on the world.
"Blood and Snow! That is the way for my people" ~ Jarl Malvar
Andal Sultanate - The Andal Sultanate control their capital Qahar which is a source of much envy amongst their rivals. These cities contain trading hubs well-known throughout the land. For enemies wanting to take them, they must first cross the vast Alzahar desert.
"Patience is the mother of glory, and the Andals are indeed glorious" ~ Sultan Azurmani
Kingdom of Rhodea - The Rhodeans are a proud people with a long history of monarchs and knighthood. Their cities have long layed untouched and impenetrable upon the mountains and overlooking the Golden City. Now, their looks are ever filled with ambition.
"Let us not waste time on peace" ~ King Alfred II
Although the following are not actual nations and do not possess any settlements, they exist in the game as an option for the player who does not wish to engage in PvP experiences to join:
Outlaws - Outlaws reside in the wilderness and they will attack anyone entering their territory. Whilst outlaws may not possess the finest weaponry in Unnara, once they band together, they present a challenge for any organized faction.
Citizen - Citizens are the everyday Unnarans that are trying to get by. Some are affluent, some are downtrodden. They may wander throughout Unnara unbothered but beware of the wilderness (PvP zone). New players will be assigned this role when first joining Dynasty Online.