Users genuinely own Dynasty Online, as the game's assets are represented as non-fungible tokens (NFT's) that can be exported and traded on open marketplaces. The in-game transactions are all recorded on the blockchain to ensure that the game results are not tampered with by a centralized entity or by malicious users.

Decentralized ownership has the advantage of being able to be exchanged on marketplaces outside of the control of game companies. This may improve gamers' financial incentives to buy and build goods in the game. This feature will, of course, be available in Dynasty Online.

As the governance token and the necessary currency for the tools and trade on the in-game marketplace, Dynasty Wars issues a native token, $DYNASTY. It is the world of Unnara's default currency.

In-game Marketplace - We believe that for the vast majority of players, this will be their first choice; most of them will come for the game itself rather than the blockchain features, and they may not even realize the difference. It's worth noting that this marketplace will also be built on the blockchain, and players will own it. The players will be able to post any potential trade they wish to make and all players will be able to see it, regardless if the players are not on the same world server. Additionally, players will have the option to trade amongst themselves without a market through our in-game trade system.

Decentralized Marketplace - The $DYNASTY token will be interchangeable with an Immutable X ERC-20 token. We want items and item ownership to eventually be interchangeable with additional blockchains. This is a method of increasing interest and, perhaps, liquidity, as well as a marketing tool.

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