The World of Unnara

Dynasty Online lives in Unnara.

The world of Unnara resembles something out of medieval literature with a fantasy element that embedded deep within the heart of Unnara. All of the factions that reign over Unnara have cities and villages that are dispersed throughout Unnara and they all desire one thing, to reign supreme. The spacious world map is divided into 5 main territories each under control by a certain faction. A lawless territory known as the wilderness lays in the east of Unnara which is infested with Outlaws and harmful creatures. The wilderness is not for the amateurs.

Unnara is reeling from its past civil war which saw the destruction and looting of its former Empire. Embedded in the world is a deep history/lore and as the player progresses throughout the world, the mystery will begin to unravel. This lore ties deeply to quests aswell as certain rare collectibles that will be represented as NFTs. The Unnaran civil wars saw wars waged and cities burned. The once glorious Empire of Unnara that developed unfathomable magic and cultivated its land is long gone and its former citizens have been split into bitter rivalling factions. Fortuitous stood four dynasties, destined for generational wars. To this day, the carnage is unfinished and the newly birthed nations of Unnara aim to stand victorious.

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