Warrior - This class is focused on close quarter combat using a variety of high damage dealing weapons and abilities. Warriors will prioritize high damage dealing weapons and light equipment over defensive ones. This grants them the ability to finish off opponents but at the sacrifice of their longevity in battle, warriors perform best when accompanied by paladins who can absorb the heavy blows with ease.

Sorcerer - Sorcerers use magic spells and enchanted equipment to defeat their opponents. A sorcerer can choose to go many paths with their abilities such as healing their teammates or dealing a large amount of damage with their arcane spells.

Ranger- The ranger can fire upon the enemy from a range where by no class can deal any damage from. This grants them the ability to deal considerable amounts of damage without actually stepping into harm's way, rendering them priceless in siege/city assaults.

Paladin - Paladins possess a lot of armour and high amounts of health points. They are able to fight off multiple enemies and live but at the cost of dealing critical damage to their opponents.

These classes are initially designed and the Dynasty Online team aims to expand the amount of classes playable throughout the course of the development cycle.

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